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Driver super heavy trucks – Fixed term contract 2 monthes :

You will ensure the transport of waste across the region in ampli-roll.

License holder EC, you are updated on FIMO / FCOS. You have the digital map and ideally the auxiliary crane CACES R390.

You have a successful experience in driving truck and trailer roll-filled truck.

Salary + Bonus Cart

Apply : CV + motivation letter to info.daddi@daddi-metal.com

Sorter Metals :

On specific instructions of the team leader, you make simple handling, receiving, sorting products, packaging, simple processing of raw materials for recycling in recycled products.

Apply : CV + motivation letter to info.daddi@daddi-metal.com

Machine driver :

The driver of vehicles, on permanent or temporary instructions, after received, identified and carried out an inspection of the goods on arrival at the site, operates, using different gear types in managed products (shovel , forklift, shipper, shovel cabin lift …) at the feeding process of sorting, packing, storing or reloading of the products in the shipping phase.

Ideally you have the driver CACES.

Apply : CV + motivation letter to info.daddi@daddi-metal.com

Mechanic :

On specific instructions from his supervisor and in the context of intervention and security procedures, shall, as his specialty, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of industrial equipment to minimize downtime.

Apply : CV + motivation letter to info.daddi@daddi-metal.com


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