Purchase iron and metals. The sector of industrial recovery.
On our site of Marignane to the industrials as the individuals.

We ensure the recovery and recycling of scrap and metals generated by the activity of your companny. For over 60 years, we operate in the sector of industrial recovery.

Our team evaluates your needs with your help and your personal knowledge of the file. We offer after studying the best solutions to your problems.

This team is available and easily reachable ensures then an individual follow-up and and remains available throughout our business partnership.

We collect directly from you by adapting us to the size of your production. For this collecting mission we offer the provision of bins and bins of various capacities or self-loading truck or semi-trailer equipped with a grapple.

Our sites are equipped with scales and bascule bridges fully computerized. This equipment ensures rigorous management of incoming and outgoing flows and allows to credit directly your customer account. A receiving report is sent to you within 48 hours, then those will allow you to invoice us at your convenience. Of course you keep the option of payment by collecting operation. You can also give us directly and jointly with your personal resources, a receipt is then handed to the driver or shipped under 48 hours to your address.


Not ensuring re-use, you are sure of the destruction and recycling of iron and metals that you entrust to us. A certificate of destruction will be published and given on request.

Our company is organized around two poles of production and recycling :

  • Irons
  • Metals

Concerning old iron, we proceed to the preparation of inflows according to the standards of steelworks. After a selective sorting of homogenization steels we compact scrap and we cut them. This operation standardizes the goods and removes a significant part of the adjoining waste. It allows a volume reduction and a densification of old irons, thus limiting the requirements in transport and consequently the production of greenhouse gases emissions. Scrap are then forwarded ito the blast furnaces of new steel production in France and abroad.

Metals are subject to a selective sorting to separate the various components. This segregation is ensured by our staff using specific tools. Our installations are organized on a large totally tight concreted area. This equipment captures rainwater and spills thus avoiding pollution of land surfaces. Fluids are routed to a scrubber, this action retains sludge and hydrocarbons. This waste is regularly collected and recycled in strict compliance of regulations. Finally cleared waters of these pollutants are directed towards a decanter and it is a water biologically absent in impurity which returns to nature.

The reliability of the installations is the object of constant controls validated by an independent laboratory and whose results are regularly presented to the inspector of the regional management of the industry of research and environment (DRIRE).

Industrial dismantling.

Our area of expertise is very broad :

  • targeted intervention on installation,
  • removal machine,
  • partial dismantling,
  • overall demolition, etc.

We realize the dismantling of fishing boat, barges … of the professionals in compliance with the regulation and protection of the environment. We take care of the pleasure boats became too old and dangerous to navigate (BPHU) of owners avid to get rid of. We were selected and approved by the APER for the PACA region to support all BPHU that APER present us.

With this experience, we can provide you with our know-how and expertise.

An experimented, responsible and available team evaluates industrials risks with you and advise you in a clear and fair way. Each operation shall be subject to internally consultation to define the best procedures for the problem of demolition.

Your contacts are present and easily reachable throughout the intervention. They coordinate and direct operations permanently.

Our staff receive an in-service training and adapted to respect the safety and procedures. Different building trades work in full synergy to reduce the risk of accidents and to shorten the duration of the intervention.

To answer we implement a wide range of machines and tools adapted to the demolition’s performance. In addition to the cuts realized with the cutting torch, we are equipped with two shovels shears to make cold cuts.

These shears of a respective power of 500 and 1350 tons allow a work without hot spot. This equipment is particularly indicated for sensitive installations such chemistry and petrochemistry. These tools are regularly maintained and reconditioned in order to remain operational and powerfull.

All waste generated within the framework of our dismantling is valued and recycled in the respect of environmental standards.

Of course we have approvals and the prefectural authorizations to perform these services.

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