Destruction of End of Life Vehicles.

Our company is approved for the destruction of the End of Life Vehicles (ELV). We deal with the administrative formalities of destruction in connection with the ministry of the Interior.

We perform the cleanup of the vehicle by the capture of various fluids (oil, coolant and washer fluid, etc) and we ensure the destruction of the vehicle in respect of legal procedures.

To carry out its mission SRI End of Life Vehicles has ample space organized on a completely tight concreted surface. This installation captures accidental spills and stormwater avoiding pollution of surface ground. A buried network forwards the liquid to a sludge trap. By its action, it retains sludge and hydrocarbons. This waste are regularly collected and recycled in strict compliance. The water cleared of these pollutants are directed to a decanter and it is a water biologically rid of impurity back to nature.

To ensure the reliability of installations, constant controls are organized by our care.

Services of the Regional Directorate for Industry, Research and Environment (DRIRE) jointly conduct quality analyses.

We receive without appointment the End of Life Vehicles (ELV) according to well defined procedures, here the procedure to follow :

Private :

  • Control of administrative documents
  • Signature of deed of conveyance
  • Supported vehicle

Companies :

  • Production Kbis trade register
  • Control of administrative documents
  • Signature of deed of conveyance
  • Supported vehicle(s)

To support on-site and transport vehicles to destroy, you can contact our team for a custom price study.

For your information, here the list of documents required for the destruction of a vehicle registered :

  • Vehicle registration
  • Certificate of non pledge : available here
  • ID card holder of registration vehicle
  • Certificate of transfer of vehicle : available here

Procedures for cleanup and destruction : aspiration and storage of different fluids (oil, fuel, coolant, washer fluid, etc), dismantling of filters and engine, separation of the various components of the vehicle.

All waste and components of the vehicle are eliminated or recycled according to environmental standards and to the European directive. Our company has the prefectural authorization to provide these services. These approvals allow us to issue a certificate of destruction, this document justifies stopping the insurance and it attests to the physical disappearance of the vehicle.


We realize on request deconstruction of all other means of transport End of Life : airplane, boat, train…Aper-logo

We carry out all aircraft from small to air tanker on our site or on the customer site. We realize the dismantling of fishing boat, barges … of the professionals in compliance with the regulation and protection of the environment. We take care of the pleasure boats became too old and dangerous to navigate (BPHU) of owners avid to get rid of.

We were selected and approved by the APER for the PACA region to support all BPHU that APER present us.

More informations on:  website APER.


The administrative procedures destruction are provided under our responsibility connected with the Regulatory Services of the Prefecture of the Bouches du Rhône.

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Approvals, Labels & Certificates

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