Purchase iron and metals • Destruction ELV

Recently located in the industrial area St Maurice on the site of oldest establishments Manosque Car Recovery, Manosque Récupération buys with immediate cash payment the old iron and metals.

Our entirely concreted installations are equipped with a platform rocks and a bascule bridge entirely computerized.

The iron and metal pole carry out the purchase of your old metals at the best prices in the market.

The ELV center, receives without appointment the End of Life vehicles and service support at home is possible and operational in 04 92 72 28 00.

Support vehicles is bound to production :

  • vehicle registration
  • ID card holder of registration vehicle,
  • certificate of non pledge : available here
  • certificate of transfer of vehicle : available here

Our company provides the administrative procedures connected with the services of the prefecture through our prefectural approval.

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Approvals, Labels & Certificates

For more details and find all approvals, labels and certificates attributed to the Group Daddi: consult the norms.

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