Sorting office and recycling of waste

Our establishment is more particularly focused on the sorting and the recycling of waste.

All our installations are equiped with scales and bascule bridges with an integrated computerized management. This equipment allows a rigorous management of incoming and outgoing flows and ensure the traceability of waste generated by the activity of your company. The data recorded guarantee the reliability of the monthly billing. Handling and sorting are largely provided with mechanized means.

We also realize the services of destruction of archives, grinding matter to be recycled : stumps, pallets …

After receiving the waste are separated by products family : paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, etc..
The ultimate waste are dispatched towards approved burying centers.

Recoverable products are subject towards a temporary storage and are oriented sectors reconditioning offering new life to recycled products.

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Approvals, Labels & Certificates

For more details and find all approvals, labels and certificates attributed to the Group Daddi: consult the norms.

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