Trade of irons and metals – Trade of Materials

The DADDI group directs irons and metals collected by professionals towards steelworks and refiners. Our partners are located in France, in Europe and on international stage. Shippings are essentially realized by trucks and marine containers.

The DADDI group is clearly export-oriented, approximately 80% of the production of our subsidiaries is sent outside of the hexagon. The distribution of our export flows shipments is more than 60% to countries in Europe and 20% to China and India.

The DADDI group charters means necessary to shipping your goods, a dynamic team responsible for responding to your requests for your main criterion satisfaction.

Your contacts are clearly identified. They provide individual monitoring records. You can join them easily.

To reduce our environmental impact and optimize transportation, we are constantly looking for new outfalls closest.

Companies DADDI group work in synergy in their respective missions.

S.R.I. is more particularly in charge of the industrial dismantling, purchase of irons and metals, destruction of end of life vehicles, of preparation of goods for acceptance standards refiners and steelworks.

Datrans collect and transport irons, metals and industrial waste. Rent bins, skips, compactors, shredding and destruction of records.

DALOREC – Sorting Office and recycling of waste.

Manosque Recovery – Purchase iron and metals.

These irons and metals undergo before in our treatment installations to sort, densify and prepare the goods for shipment.

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