We recycle for your future

GROUP DADDI ensures irons and metals trade. The company handle the trading both in France and on the international stage.

The society imports goods of the countries of Africa and export all around the world in particular in India and in China.

GROUP DADDI ensures demolition’s prestation in synergy with the companies of the group.

A reliable and responsible team estimates and calculates the projects with a constant concern of security and the will to optimize the valuation of the present components in the structures to be dismantled.

GROUP DADDI  and the Group societies undertaken a vast program to review their operating processes to significantly reduce the impact on nature. This program is constantly evolving and guides environmental policy group. For example, computerization of bascule bridges and scales allowed strict inventory management by permanently monitoring the inputs and outputs to significantly reduce the use of paper. In all the activities of the group the possible impact on the environment is measured and compensated. This approach has naturally led to the ISO 14001 certification for all Group companies.

For more than 60 years, the DADDI company evolves in the sector of industrial recovery.

In addition to collecting it provides sorting, recovery and recycling of iron, metals and industrial waste : paper, wood, cardboard, plastic.

With this experience, it is structured over time depending on the evolution of the profession to remain a major operator in the industry.

The DADDI family group  consists of companies grouped around 4 complementary activities, demolition, recycling of iron, metals and recycling of industrial waste (paper, wood, cardboard, plastic) and conveyance (collection and skip hire).

DADDI Group is a permanent control that ensures the quality of our services and our rigor in respect of sustainable development.

Approvals, Labels & Certificates

For more details and find all approvals, labels and certificates attributed to the Group Daddi: consult the norms.

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